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It's all about

In the interactive performance by the Austrian choreographer Helene Weinzierl, where there is no shortage of exaggeration, the protagonists are not only three male performers, but also the audience. The boundaries are fluid. First in their own world, then in their relationship to others, in order to create a new reality together. Behind the seemingly funny encounters, however, lies the absurdity of today's society.  What is life about? About EVERYTHING and NOTHING.


In this critically - light-hearted piece, the three protagonists circle around themselves, and yet they manage to meet. Connection, dreams, love, trust, protection, mindfulness, struggle and death - they dance the entire keyboard of life and always meet it with a wink. Transformation from the abstract to the concrete, from form to content, from emptiness to fullness:

It's All About... human proximity.



Artistic direction and choreography: Helene Weinzierl In collaboration with performers: Luan De Lima, Alberto Cisello, Uwe Brauns Acting coach: Marion Hackl Music composition: Oliver Stotz
Light design: Peter Tahlhamer

Special thanks to Manuela Calleja

With the kind support of BMKOES Austria, Salzburg STADT:KULTUR,Salzburg LAND:KULTUR, Tanzimpulse Salzburg

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