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In ESCAPE, the ensemble around Helene Weinzierl invites you to a fulminate journey in which we discursively and intuitively anticipate and perceive the state of  acceleration, exhaustion, excess and collapse. Mathematical precision and powerful energetic dynamics are a reflection of the restlessness and abundance in which we loose ourselves.

Until we reach a state of complete exhaustion, in which the masks fall, 

there is no room for deceptions, falsehoods or tartufferie. We recognize the essential. 

Repetitive moments reveal the paradox of repetition and invite us to perceive the explosion of  movement sequences in detail and to make the fiction of infinity tangible.



Artistic direction and choreography: Helene Weinzierl In collaboration with performers: Luan De Lima, Alberto Cisello, Azahara Sans Jara Music composition: Oliver Stotz Light design: Peter Thalhamer

With the kind support of BMKOES Austria, Salzburg STADT:KULTUR,Salzburg LAND:KULTUR, Tanzimpulse Salzburg

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