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Luan de Lima is a professional dancer with a passion for movement and exploration. He is  interested in movement as a way of communication and relation to what happens around us. His interest varies from exploring and sharing kinaesthetic experiences as well as the power of these experiences creating a sense of community.


Luan is based in Vienna/Austria and works as a freelance dancer. His career has giving him the opportunity to perform in various international festivals, including Festival Bangalore performances, India (2020), Seoul Street Art Festival, South Korea (2019)  Festival Santiago a Mil, Chile (2018), Impulstanz Festival, Austria (2018), Festival Heredia, Costa Rica (2017)  FIDCDMX, Festival Internacional de Danza, Mexico (2017) and others.

He has been part of dance projects from Helene Weinzierl/CieLaroque (AT), Company Willi Dorner (AT), Anton Lachky dance Company (BE), Mirjam Sögner (AT/DE), Renae shadler (AU/DE), Anna Swagerman (NL) and others.


In his own projects, Luan collaborated with Jolyane Langlois and Azahara Sanz Jara in "H.D"(2023) Anna Swagerman in "Blueprint" (2022), with Sarai Vangelli "Bereavement" (2021),  with Mzamo Nondlwana in “Room no. 24” (2016) and with Matan Levkowich in “Boys don’t cry” (2015). He also had the  co-production of Cielaroque and TanzHouse Salzburg for his solo "The egocentric" (2018). 



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