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Carte Blanche

Each human relationship oscillates between closeness and distance. We are constantly moving on this swing. In the fusion of closeness and distance, of I and you, a part of our own identity is lost. Instead, we create something new: A WE, provided we can agree on the extent of closeness and distance in the movements of approach. A we whose shape changes again and again. Today more you, tomorrow more me. Because people are dependent on other people, we all live in a large network of relationships. We long for closeness, but to be able to shape our lives, we also need distance. The ensemble explores the question of whether the coordinates for a balanced measure of closeness and distance have shifted.


Closeness versus distance at CARTE BLANCHE

Closeness is many things, distance is also always present, but with CARTE BLANCHE it receives a positive touch. The result is euphoric, puts you in a good mood and is infectious. This experiment ends in a strong way. (Veronika Zangl)



Artistic direction and choreography: Helene Weinzierl In collaboration with performers: Luan De Lima, Alberto Cisello, Azahara Sans Jara, Claudia Fürnholzer, Nejma Larichi, Uwe Brauns Music composition:Oliver Stotz

A production by Cielaroque and Szene Salzburg 

With the kind support of BMKOES Austria, Salzburg STADT:KULTUR,Salzburg LAND:KULTUR, Tanzimpulse Salzburg

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